Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2012 Will Be The Year of TV+Social

Social media channels are multiplying TV reach through viewers’ Tweets, posts and messages.  As NM Incite and Nielsen research shows, there is a significant correlation between online buzz and TV ratings.


What it means for marketers:  2012 is poised to become the year of television with the Olympics and the US elections drawing millions to TV screens. Advertisers will find added value from social media users who will create and reverberate news through their personal profile areas. As the word will spread from TV to social media, online audiences will tune into programming they hear from their online contacts.


Action: Expand your definition of reach to go beyond traditional GRPs. When estimating TV news’ lifetime, account for social media mentions.


Note the flux of new audience members from mobile and computer screens to TV sets, as they find out about news and shows through social media.


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Like Zynga, More Game Publishers Will Venture Outside of Facebook

With its vast and diverse audience, Facebook has become an incubation ground for game publishers and app developers. Those who can command millions of users on Facebook, have evidence that their business can survive beyond the social network.


What it means for marketers: Experiment with placing brands in games and apps that reach and engage sizable audiences. Add the following to game storylines and app functionalities:


-          Coupons

-          Videos

-          Links to owned media through animated logos


Brands can gauge the success of such initiatives by tracking:


-          Coupon redemption

-          Video views and sharing

-          Conversion from user to site visitor



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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tablets To Host Loyalty Clubs

Tablet entertainment and commerce is getting enhanced with loyalty clubs. Amazon Prime, which gives customers free shipping and streaming services at an annual fee, is offering benefits to Kindle Fire users as well. Those who have not used Prime instant videos over the past year are getting a free month of Amazon Prime service, as soon as they register their device. 


What it means for marketers:  A higher order of tablet users is emerging – the frequent shoppers who are committed to their retailer relationships.


Action: Go beyond the typical comparison of tablet users to non-users, when calculating the value of this new customer segment. Look into shoppers, loyal customers and advocates who conduct transactions and post reviews through their tablets.


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Saturday, November 12, 2011

PENN State Alumns Start Grassroots Movement, Putting The Focus On The Victims

A group of Penn State Alums, including my friends Jaime, Jerry and Bob, started a grassroots movement to keep the focus on the victims and to create funds to help them. They partnered with, the largest, anti- sexual violence organization in the US and raised $225,000 in 48 hours. They need your help in reaching their goal of $500,000 by 3:30EST today (the end of the Penn State/Nebraska) game. 

Please visit Proud To Be A Penn Stater to make a donation now. Every dollar counts and goes towards helping victims of sexual abuse. It makes a statement about humanity.  Football blogs such as and have been supporting the campaign. Traditional media channels (CNN, ABC, NBC, and Fox among others) are covering the story.

But with so many of us watching the news and the stories unfold, there is more we can do. Please click here to lend your support. 


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Thursday, November 3, 2011

For Amazon, it's not about the device -- it's about content

Amazon announced that its Prime users will be able to borrow one e-book a month for free. Info-Currents November issue had highlighted this trend a day prior to the announcement, indicating tablet providers would feed deals to their loyalty clubs. 

Currently, there is no time limit on borrowing--but users can take advantage of the freebie offer one book at a time.

Amazon is paying a fee to publishers to buy titles.  Meanwhile, becoming an Amazon Prime customer costs $79/year. Sometimes, consumers buy Kindles to benefit from deals like this, thinking of possibilities of endless hours of fun.

Amazon will continue unveiling deals to hyper shoppers, making its Kindle series a service. Amazon is going beyond the device, as any smart entertainment company would do. 

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