Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cravebox - A Box of Consumer Interest

Cravebox is a new marketing service from the smart folks behind SheSpeaks, the word of mouth marketing company. The opt-in service sends a mix of products in a box to subscribers at $10/month. It's like 'an omnibus for new-to-market products' that get bundled when being presented to customers. 

Who picks the products? Consumer Curators who sign up to scour for products. Currently, they are looking for products in these categories:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Cooking, Baking & Grilling
  • Beauty & Skincare
  • Hobbies, Crafts & Recreation
  • Kids, Babies & Parenting
  • Home Organization & Home Cleaning Solutions

Why is all this so smart?

1- Influencers get to pick products and spread word of mouth through Cravebox subscribers -- brands that participate circumvent the challenges of finding their influencers and creating communities

2- Subscribers are paying to get a valuable package, but also covering some of the business costs

3- The opt-in trial process gets people more vested in using and talking about the products than your typical sampling program. The subscribers are so enthusiastic to receive this mix of new things, they don't hesitate to try, talk and post about them. Here are 4min+ videos of those who're going through their box.

Intrigued? To sign up for Cravebox, click here


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Sunday, March 25, 2012


What do you think of the phablet as a concept? Smart phone + tablet, that is. Samsung and LG are the two players offering this type of device now, with some saying that Samsung's Galaxy Note is ahead of LG's Optimus Vu is in the lead in terms of video, battery, display and overall user experience. Fans also gasped in shock when LG's Optimus Vu launched in Korea at close to $900. If you read Mike Elgan's post and reader comments here, most agree it is a step in the right direction. 

Phablets let you economize in terms of space (5" screens should be big enough to read, write and watch), without compromising on functionality. The winning models will be those that combine video, voice and basic work functions (note taking, graphics, email) while remaining on the light side. 



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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Info-Currents March Issue is Out

In this issue: Women taking over social media, Asia Pacific and Middle East reigning mobile video viewing, young adults join teens in dropping email. Sign up here. Sneak peek below.

Emerging Trend: Women are becoming the predominant audience in social media. Recent research by NM Incite and Nielsen had show that more than one-half of video viewers (53%), social networkers (54%) are women, now image sharing sites such as Pinterest are boasting largely female audiences. 

Implication: Women have transgressed from being family chronologists with cameras to active online consumers who indicate their ‘wants’ through vivid visuals.

Action: Retailers and manufacturers can boost catalog sales by setting up profile areas on image-sharing sites such as Pinterest and Fancy. These areas can directly communicate product details to primary shoppers. 

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