Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sandwich Maker from Antep Solves F-Commerce Riddle!


Move over GM, Tostcu Mehmet from Gaziantep, Turkey will show you how to work Facebook. Tostcu means sandwich shop in Turkish. Gaziantep is a major city in the Southeast region of Turkey, known for its cultural heritage, phenomenal cuisine and entrepreneurship. Mehmet is the owner of this 'Tostcu' in Gaziantep who takes orders from his clientele in the area via Facebook. That's not all -- you can even chat live with Mehmet's staff. One click from the simply designed Facebook tab will launch your MSN.

To date, the page has over 1,200 likes and more than 150 check-ins. The dialogue between Mehmet, his staff and customers is the kind you can't imitate through all the social media tricks in the house. The comments read as if everyone knows each other and Tostcu Mehmet always thanks those customers who order through the page.

No fancy app or sapplet. No check-out cart. Just authentic hospitality, rapid response and a network of loosely connected individuals in one area.  

Wish they delivered to my office!


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Saturday, May 12, 2012

What do Instagram, Slideshare and Meebo Have in Common?

These are the latest/pending acquisitions by social media giants Facebook, LinkedIn and the omnipresent Google. What does it all mean? Even the largest distribution channels need sticky content. Yes, I used that web 1.0 word 'sticky'. I could have said 'engagement is the new king.' Bottomline, advertisers need eyeballs to stay with content for a long period of time so they can sell more and more. Whether you're looking at a friend's photos, a colleagues' slides or getting social ads served to you, it's the same basic principle of being exposed to a message. 

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Info-Currents... May is the month of mobile

Emerging Trend #1: The latest Nielsen report on Hispanics' use of mobile and social media shows that this population segment is significantly more likely than the rest of the population to use mobile devices and social media to connect and communicate. 

Implication: Digitally savvy Hispanic consumers serve as a proxy for proactive consumers who are open to brand communications and who will pay for content. eMarketer projects Hispanics to spend $500 million on mobile apps in 2012.

Action: To augment multi-cultural campaigns, invest in social media and hyper target through mobile. Hispanic users are 25% more likely to follow a brand than the rest of the population.  

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