Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Info-Currents December Trends: Unlikely Financial Service Players, App Games and Social TV

Emerging trend:  Digital giants are getting into financial services. Google credit card is an example.

Implication: Connecting search and payment data will make Google even a stronger advertising platform.  

Action: Consumers will need to be even more cognizant of privacy issues. As a business, look for more creative and targeted search ad products from Google that are based on consumers’ spending habits. 


Emerging trend: App-based games are making parents think twice about game consoles as gifts.

Implication: Game developers will weigh on content and experience differentiators to justify price.

Action: Ask for demographic and usage information when planning for immersive, branded gaming experiences. Popular downloads may not be as targeted as n established console players.


Emerging trend: The old fashioned TV relation, where the viewer has a solo connection to characters in a plot, is changing as Twitter networks become default TV companions.  

Implication: Social TV audiences dish a wealth of information about shows, advertisements and brands as they chat about their likes and dislikes.

Action: Offer branded experiences and purchase incentives to Twitter-engaged TV audiences. Gather clues about what make audiences tick and use these insights to create content that resonates.


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