Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Majority Multicultural Areas Are the Future of America…and Marketing

Emerging Trend: Culturally relevant content and products are appealing to non-Hispanic whites as well as multicultural audiences.

·         Non-Hispanic whites in majority multicultural areas, which Nielsen coins as Super Geos in its recent report, show similar purchase patterns as multicultural consumers.

·         Programs such as Black-ish and Fresh off the Boat are attracting diverse audiences, including non-Hispanic whites.

 Implication: Your targets are not what they seem. As populations shift in size and attitudes, marketers should not miss the opportunity to appeal to audiences based on cultural interest.


1-      Watch millennials and generation Z who are more accepting of cross-cultural experiences than older generations.

2-      Target based on lifestyle segments, not only demos.

3-      Pilot programs in super geo areas (e.g., NY, LA, SF, New Orleans, Nashville)