Monday, February 18, 2013

Info-Currents February Issue Now Online: How to Rise Above Email and Social Media Clutter

Emerging trend:  Google seeps into the oldest mobile technology: cars.

Implication: New models from Kia and Hyundai featuring Google maps and places gives the search giant additional advertising space and eliminates competition for eyeballs and clicks.

Action: Note additional revenue streams: Small business owners (e.g., restaurants, specialty shops) can increase foot traffic by making sure they increase their web presence and get listed in Google services.


Emerging trend: E-mail consolidation services such as helps consumers gain control of their inboxes and reduces spam.

Implication: E-mail marketing has to be an outcome, rather than the starting point of customer-brand relations. When consumers sift through their list of promotional emails consolidated by services like, they will only allow Very Important Emails (VIE) to filter into their inboxes. Brand love will need to weigh more than discount offers.

Action: Re-evaluate the ROI from vast email lists. Test run an email campaign among fans and return customers, as well as a random sample of non-fans. Compare open-rates and follow-up actions from both groups. Consider focusing email invitations only on fans.


Emerging trend: To break through social media clutter and gain visibility, thought leaders and enterprises alike will rely on automated content management systems such as Meddle.

Implication: Building social media presence takes significant effort and continuous updates. Smart content management systems can shrink time to fame and broaden industry experts’ and academics’ audiences.

Action: Instead of investing in static online presence (e.g., web sites), build a social base and propel your news to audiences searching for niche content.


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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Google as the Next Car Accessory: Upcoming Info-Currents

The February issue of futurist newsletter Info-Currents will hit the inboxes on February 11th. Topics will include

  • Google as a car accessory
  • Clutter consolidation services -- a threat to email marketing
  • Personal brand builders (automated, of course) -- opportunities for thought leaders and content marketers

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