Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Social Capital Conference '09 Sold Out!

This gives me hope. The meeting of entrepreneurs, non-profits and for-profits feels utopian but it is real. Using money in meaningful ways is the tag line. Here's a look at what attendees will discuss in the next couple of days.

Nathaniel Whittemore of Social Entrepreneurship is blogging from the conference. Here are his observations on trends shaping the conference.

1- Measurement
2- Mobile technology
3- Online action platforms
4- The Office of Social Innovation - government's partnerships with social innovators

While the latter is specific to the social capital world, the first three is what we have been discussing in the for-profit world all year long. In fact, these topics are top of mind as my colleagues and I are working on the upcoming WOMMA conference agenda.

I wonder if those who are trying to move the masses to take civic or charitable actions are more successful in social media than those trying to convince the masses to shop and choose their brands. I can see people being equally passionate about a cause and a brand. But social media makes it so much easier to join and support a cause. Raising your hand or your voice online cost very little time or money.

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