Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Opting In To Obama

The latest online twist in the Obama campaign shows how close marketing can get to politics or the other way around. sign up on the Obama campaign site and opt-in with your email address or text VP to 62262, you will be hearing Mr. Obama's choice for the Vice President directly from him, at the same time, or potentially before, the news hit the wires.

This initiative underscores the campaign's focus on grassroots action and makes a statement about communicating directly with voters, rather than creating events or going through the press to relay an important message to people.

The text messaging element might make some think this is an attempt to bring young voters closer to the campaign, but I think the reach is going to be far beyond young adults. Obama's message is so critical and so central to the national agenda that there will be quite a few people, who will opt-in to an SMS campaign for the first time and receive their first text message from Barack Obama.

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