Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blogger Raises Food

Call me naive, but I believe good wins over evil and right defeats wrong. Maybe not right away, but eventually. That's why I decided to focus on those who are using social media to do good and create a positive change in their community. I think we are too consumed with negative implications of blogging buzz on reputation. We forget how powerful blogs( and other social media outlets) can be in alerting people about an issue, directing the right audience towards a solution and raising funds.

The blogger I would like to highlight today is Cara Michele, who used her blog to rally the troops and serve breakfast to the homeless and the needy in Greensboro. Upon hearing that a local community center's kitchen was going to be temporarily closed, she reached out to her readers and her extended network. As a result, she not only raised a modest amount of money which went a long way, but also got cans of food ready to be served.

Cheers to Michele!

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