Sunday, August 24, 2008

Content Better Be King If Your Video Runeth Over

I got an email from Joe Biden. Seriously, the personal approach the Obama campaign takes tickles me. As much as I know that a number of people pour their energy over the email strategy and copy, I get a kick out of seeing that I have a message from weekly horoscopes, trulia real estate alerts and... Barack Obama! Today, I got the VP-candidates first direct email. It's a video message that runs close to 3 minutes.

Often times I get asked the question, how long should an online video message be. I counsel saying under 2 minutes. If you can, stay close to 1 minute, I say, thinking of typical Internet users' attention limits.

Biden's message carries itself well. This is his first time in my inbox, so I am interested in what he has to say. I want to study his mimics, hear his message, think through how his words bode with the Obama campaign's mantra. Maybe if I didn't work in the interactive space, my eye wouldn't have gone to the counter. But, bottomline, if your online video goes over an acceptable dose of time, your content better be king.

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