Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brand Love

A few years ago, I was co-presenting with Andy Sernovitz at a word of mouth marketing webinar. I had my slides ready, full of data charts and diagrams showing how to identify online influencers and gauge their impact on brands. Andy preceded my presentation with his section. I never forget one of the slides he put up: It was just a big, shiny, red heart. He said, "Word of mouth is about looooovvve." The simplicity in what he was showing struck me. My slides would probably make a business decision maker feel comfortable about their investment, but what Andy was saying touched the core of the matter.

Word of mouth is about love. It is about feeling so passionate about a brand or product that you are ready to scream it from the rooftops-- or in this case, from the windows of a Union Square store in New York. What a smart and eye-catching way to turn consumer satisfaction into authentic publicity. Happy Valentine's!

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