Friday, December 18, 2009

MARKA (Brand) Conference Wraps Up in Istanbul

İstanbul frequently hosts international conferences. The city offers its mesmerizing beauty, bumper to bumper traffic, genuine hospitality, good food, thousands of years of history to visitors. Speakers find intelligent, creative and entrepreneurial audiences who have to overcome national political and economic crises to create brands.

This year's MARKA conference (Marka means brand in Turkish) just wrapped up today. Here's a link to its English Web site. It was at the Çırağan Kempinsky Palace Hotel...where the Sultans used to live (not your run of the mill hotel ballroom, baby).

Among speakers were the following:

- Jerry Hall !!! Well, models are brands and her brand is several decades old. Respect!)

- Christian Louboutin...He makes lovely stilettos with red soles. Hats off to anyone who can sell a product where buyers pay thousands to pound on the differentiatıng trait

- Ze Frank - viral marketer, musician, designer. Frank is involved in a very interesting and worthwhile campaign in partnership with Samsung. Participants create art with their phones and raise funds to help Architecture for Humanity or the Nature Conservancy. You take your photo wearing something colorful or standing in front of a colored background. You add color to it...guess what, using Samsung's Corby. Final step: Uplod your photo for voting. To participate, click here.

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