Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Istanbul Votes for Crafts Online

Istanbul is the culture capital of Europe in 2010. The agency in charge of this initiative and Pera Fine Arts gallery coordinated a competition among Turkish designers and craftsmen to create portable gifts with Istanbul theme. The finalists were selected by a group of art professionals and the winners were determined by online Istanbulis who voted for their choices at Pera Sanat. Here are a few items that I loved. I wish there was no weight limit on luggages...

The one in the center is a replica of the Maiden Tower. The story goes that a psychic tells a Byzantine king that his beautiful daughter is to die at a young age. Fearful of such horrific fate, he orders his daughter to seclusion at the Maiden Tower, which is on a tiny island off the coast of Istanbul. Little does he know that the young princess has an admirer who misses her very much. He sends her flowers to the tower to declare his love. Unfortunately, a snake hides among the flowers and as she leans to smell the bouquet, the snake stings her. Beautiful girl meets her fate at the Maiden Tower...

And that is an absolute Istanbul story: melodramatic!

I leave you with an alternative look at the Istanbul skyline, served on a silver spoon.

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