Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wearable Technology

Following my post on the Like Belt, one of my readers emailed me about the Wearable Technology Conference that takes place in Munich. In addition to the conference and a professional community, the site features neat gadgets such as thermal socks that heat up with batteries (well-suited for 30 Fahrenheit evenings in NY). But my favorite is the UP app that works with a wristband and not only tracks your activities, but also your sleep pattern. It eggs you on to get healthier by showing you how you're doing at a moment's notice, with fancy charts and an activity timeline.

For those of us sitting at a desk all day long and going around with 6 hours of sleep thanks to Real Housewives series re-re-re-runs, this may just be the necessary wake up call: to see your lack of activity charted...

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