Monday, October 24, 2011

Info-Currents November Issue Coming Soon

The November issue of Info-Currents, my monthly social media newsletter is about to go out. Below is a snapshot from the previous issue. Each month, I delve into the implications of three emerging trends and provide readers with practical next steps. If you would like to subscribe to Info-Currents, please click here.

Info-Currents October 2011 Snapshot

Emerging trend: Consumer electronics buyers are as likely to consider online word of mouth as in-person conversations (29 percent, respectively), when making their purchasing decisions.* 

  •  Those relying on online buzz for their electronics purchases have been increasing steadily--from 24 percent five years ago.
  •  Video camera (44 percent), sound system (40 percent) and smart phone (38 percent) buyers have been most likely to rely on the word online.
  • Among sources of online buzz, reviews have been the most influential.

Implication: As the new holiday shopping season nears, online reviews will play a significant role in smart phone and video camera purchases.

Action: Brands need to watch their star ratings and gear for search engine optimization now. They need to activate their fan base to share and rate their experiences.


*Source: S. Radoff Associates, Large Purchase Study

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