Sunday, June 12, 2011 Launches Social Media Compliance Solution for Financial Services, the company that creates turnkey compliance solutions for blogger engagement and social media activities has just announced a product for financial services. These regulated companies no longer need to fret the technical complexities about information sharing in social media when communicating with their online stakeholders. The tool works for investor relations, brokers, funds and employees. It simply helps them engage in social media, while ensuring that they are in compliance with the law. appears simply as a short URL at the end of a brand announcement, blogger post or Tweet. The URL takes users to an area that houses appropriate documentation for the promotional activity. For financial services specifically, the tool makes sure corporate messages in social media are in compliance with FINRA, SEC and FTC rules and regulations. is currently partnering with StockTwits to showcase its financial tool. Here's how social media content appears with the links:


Each link within a social media post has a unique code. This helps the system track syndication and measure online word of mouth as content gets picked up and quoted elsewhere. The traceable nature of content also means that content that gets syndicated remains in compliance. Companies do not need to worry about liability issues as users share and re-tweet or re-post content. 

You can watch a video announcement about this smart solution here




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Technology Consultant said...

Good to hear that the messages are in compliance with FINRA, SEC and FTC rules and regulation.