Thursday, July 31, 2008

Milestone for SocialVibe

ReadWriteWeb announced that SocialVibe, the social network that enables users to match causes and non-profits with brands, raised $100,000. I had written about what a unique proposition SocialVibe had before. As a member of the site, I feel pretty good about this milestone. It's always amazing to see how groups whose members have never met before can create change if directed in the right way and given the platform to join forces.

My hope is that one day we look back and realize how small a number is $100,000 is when spread across a number of charities and brands. I wonder if SocialVibe would consider an employee program to incentivize its members to bring in their companies and earn triple points on the site -- similar to matching donations or gifts. What if those brands on the site announced their initiative to their employees and their families? What if brands encouraged their fans to join the site and match the brand with a cause they liked. That sort of push and wide reach would give SocialVibe all the more momentum.

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